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Coley Government Contract Services

Don’t leave your employees vulnerable and ill-equipped. This training will prepare them to save lives by providing the tools they need to know how to respond when faced with a similar situation. This is an engaging course that connects the user with an interacting platform specifically designed to help Government, schools, military installations and units, small business and corporations of all sizes to generate an improved response time and increase the survivability rate in the immediate area during an “Active Shooter” event. This course is designed to be accessed via the internet so employees can go through this training at their desks. The employee is issued a test at the end of the training. Upon successful completion the employee will be issued a certificate that can be printed for placement in their HR folder. We adhere to the highest level of legal, moral, and ethical standards in our service, while protecting the safety, confidentiality, dignity, and privacy of our clients.

  • Published by: Coley GCS
  • Format:  Video
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